misunderstood. but then again, who isn't?
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You watched me hurt 
And you didn’t even care
When I needed you most
You fucking weren’t there

I need you so bad I can’t live by myself
The hurt is so bad but no one sees I need help

Everyone ignores me, pretends I’m sane
I didn’t want to die, just end the pain

I had no idea what else to do
I can’t live in a world without you

I hang with a belt tightly round my neck
My sad little heart shattered in my chest

Please please please let death set me free
I’m tired, scared, and alone. This is no way to be

Life is a burden I never wished to have
It’s not worth living if you always feel this bad

Doctors and pills and therapy can suck it
It’s my life and I’ll end it whenever I say ‘fuck it’

I’m just living my life from heartbreak to heartbreak
Every smile I dare to bare is fake

No one knows how genuinely miserable I am
They can’t fathom it, not even I can

It’s just not possible to imagine one person feeling this much sadness
No matter what I do, my heart’s filled with anguish and my mind with madness

So I beg for a reason to live another day
Yet I know it’s inevitable for me to keep feeling this way

Waking up on the floor because the fucking noose snapped
The one thing I wanted, I’d be thrilled not to come back

But now I’m fucking alive and couldn’t be more pissed
No one fucking cares, but they pretend that I’d be missed

So take all the torment and send it my way
I won’t even notice, it’d just be another day

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